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Posted By on January 18, 2016

Each year, members of Kin in District 7 are provided with a number of opportunities to contribute to Kin beyond the club level. In the past, we have not done the best job of promoting these opportunities, nor providing interested members with the knowledge, tools and experience needed to excel in these roles.

As a result, District 7 is currently looking to build a pool of individuals who are potentially interested in taking on roles beyond the club level in the next three years. These could be opportunities on District Committees, or Leadership Opportunities at the Zone or District level.

Likewise,we are asking potentially interested individuals to identify some of their key strengths as well as areas where they feel growth (through training or experience) would be beneficial to supporting them in these roles.

Please note, we are simply asking individuals to self identify, this is not a means of limiting who may be interested in stepping forward for opportunities in the future. It is, however, an effort to better understand the individuals who may be interested in helping our Zones and District moving forward…and also a way to tailor professional development opportunities to support the needs of our membership and District as a whole.

So again, the talent pool is open for any and all members of District 7 whom are interested in putting their names forward. We will be closing phase one of the talent pool in April of this year and will be sharing next steps in Spring 2016. If you are even possibly interested in taking on a new role beyond the club level, we encourage you to click the link below and simply take five minutes to fill out the form. We want you to take the next step…and we want to be there to support you.


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