What’s Your Communications Objective?

Posted By on February 6, 2016

A major mistake many organizations make when communicating, is not knowing what they want to achieve when they communicate to their local community.  A good communication objective will help focus the message so it is understand by your target audience.

A few common communications objectives include:
▸    Inform –  Brand awareness.  You will be amazed at how many people have never heard of Kin Canada or the work you do in your community
▸    Persuade – Join Kin, participate in one of your events.  Do you realize how many volunteer organization are in your community?  Why should they join Kin?  Sell the benefit of joining Kin
▸    Remind – You need to constantly remind people that Kin as a volunteer experience is an option.  People may not be ready to join Kin today, but tomorrow may be a different story.

Don Woolridge has 30 years experience of teaching marketing at a community college.  He has ben involved in a number of volunteer organizations. If you have any comments or suggestion please contact him at donwoolridge@gmail.com

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