Sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt

Posted By on February 11, 2016

With Easter coming up, why not sponsor a community Easter Egg Hunt!!  This could be a great way to build more awareness in your community.  Partner with your local radio station, newspaper, social media blogger etc.  Look to get permission to put signs up in your local schools, community colleges, university etc.  The hunt can either be indoors or at a local park.

Do not forget to get lots of Easter eggs. After the hunt is over, provide hotdogs and hot chocolate to the kids and their parents.  If you feel up to it, why not include a breakfast with the Easter Bunny!!  This is a great way to introduce the community to the benefits of being a Kin member.  Remember, some of these family members may not have the time to be a member of Kin now, but as the kids grow up, they maybe looking for a volunteer organization to get involved with.

Don Woolridge has 30 years experience of teaching marketing at a community college.  He has ben involved in a number of volunteer organizations. If you have any comments or suggestion please contact him at donwoolridge@gmail.com


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