Partner with a High School, College or University

Posted By on February 25, 2016

Do you have a webpage that needs updating? A brochure that needs to be created?  Maybe a survey? Partner with a High School, College or a University.  These organizations are always looking for projects for their students.  Most high school curriculum require students to complete volunteer hours to graduate.  Post secondary faculty are always searching for projects for their students.  Take advantage of it.  Please remember, most post secondary faculty require at least a couple of months notice to develop a student project.

This is a great opportunity to introduce students to Kin.  These students may not have the time to get involved now, but they may in a couple of years.

Don Woolridge has 30 years experience of teaching marketing at a community college.  He has ben involved in a number of volunteer organizations. If you have any comments or suggestion please contact him at


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