Social Media Best Practices – Twitter

Posted By on March 10, 2016

Social Media Best Practices


  • Use your own name for your Twitter ID.
  • Do not use some combination with Kin.
  • Use your full name as the description.
  • Fill out your bio with a combination of professional and personal information to give people a sense of who you are.
  • Use relevant keywords in your bio.
  • This is not spammy.  This helps people find you.
  • Make sure @*handle* is listed with the @ in your bio.  This makes it a live link.
  • Include a link to your blog, LinkedIn profile or, so people can learn more about you or the organization
  • Include a location on your profile.
  • Use a professional looking photo that shows your face well enough so that people can recognize you.


Twitter Best Practices

  • Build your followers by following people. Follow other Kin people or organizations and as many influencers and others in your industry as possible.
  • Other non-profits such as MS Society, CF, and others who benefit and can have potential partnerships with Kin, re: SPCA, Homeless shelters, etc…try to keep it local to make sure to connect with local organizations
  • Find the influencers in your community and follow the people they are following.
  • Don’t just re-tweet: add your own analysis or ideas.
  • Be sure to read a linked article before re-tweeting it. It might mention competitors or contain other information we wouldn’t choose to share
  • Never share anything in a direct message that you wouldn’t want to make public. Many people have been caught by accidentally tweeting something they thought was a direct message.


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