Perceived Benefits – Why People Join Kin

Posted By on April 13, 2016

Why do people get involved in a volunteer organization?  This is a very complex issue, but it boils down to their perceived benefits of a particular volunteer organization over another volunteer organization. It very important to understand that people join an organization because of what is important to them, not you.  Consider the following reason people join an organization (benefit): some people want fellowship, other want a to develop a business network, other want to give back to the community, others are new to town, maybe a support group, maybe the person is newly singled or retired and wants something to do with their time, etc.

It is important to recognize people have their own reasons for getting involved.  It all depends of their age, family circumstances, lifestyle, career, etc.  The message that you develop to attract these individuals depends on what is important (benefits) to them.  NOT WHAT YOU THINK IS IMPORTANT THEM.


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