KIN Club of Conception Bay South celebrate KIN Kindness Day

Posted By on April 22, 2016

On a bright Sunday afternoon, February 21, 2016, KIN Kindness Day, members of Conception Bay South KIN visited a small Seniors Home in our Town, which was tucked away on a quiet little street, near the ocean and what a heartwarming and special day it turned out to be.

We arrived at the home at 2:00 p.m., right on schedule and were greeted by two staff members  and 6 happy, friendly and anxious residents, ready to play “Bingo”.  We introduced ourselves and told them about Kinsmen, Kinettes and our KIN Club and that we wanted to do something nice for some special people in our community and they were those special people!   Their faces lit up like a child’s face on Christmas morning.

The first Lady I met was “Dot”, and  I said to her, I will never forget your name because my Mom’s name was “Dot”, she smiled and proceeded to show me a beautiful locket around her neck, holding a picture of her and her Dear Mom.  She said, I miss her so much and I replied that I miss my Mom too, but she will always be in your heart.  We chatted with each person, learning a little about them and their families.

Then KIN Don began calling out the Bingo, Kin Wayne and Kin Wilson checked the numbers, helped out and kept us all laughing with their light hearted humour.

We helped Dot with the numbers on her card, Lawrence played 2 cards, Pamela played 3, Marie and Mike played 1 and Elizabeth played 6.   It wasn’t their first time playing Bingo for sure.  They really enjoyed it, especially playing for a straight line or 4 corners.  We ensured they were all winners for participating or just being there.

During the game, Lawrence received a phone call from his son in Alberta, so while he was gone for a chat, we sang  “You are my Sunshine” and enjoyed light conversation.

After our last Bingo game, a full house, won by Elizabeth, we all proceeded to the large living room to join the other residents to have a good ole sing along and take some pictures.  Dot wanted her picture with Wilson and Marie wanted her picture with Don and we gathered together for some group pictures. We all enjoyed singing songs like…she’ll be Coming around the Mountain; Take me out to the Ball Game, Several Newfoundland Songs like, Ise da Bye, Lukey’s boat and their requests. Finishing up with the old favourite of ” You are my Sunshine”.

These lovely ladies and gentlemen, thanked us so much for coming.  Some of the residents are lonely, as they don’t have any relatives near by to visit and were so happy to have company.

It was a very special day for them but it was also very special day for us. The feeling of “lending a hand where needed the most” was truly personified.  All these dear senior citizens really wanted was someone to talk to and spend time with them.

We can’t wait to go back again for another visit, it was very rewarding and made us feel so good, it’s hard to say who really enjoyed it more, the wonderful residents or all of us Kin.

KIN Kindness is celebrated often as we give to those in need throughout the year.  However, a special KIN Kindness Day is a wonderful way to do something extra special and promote what KIN is really all about.

Thank YOU KIN Canada for promoting this special day in KIN.  We look forward to this awesome project for many years to come and Special people like Dot, Marie, Pamela, Lawrence and so many others, make it all worthwhile.

As we soon will be celebrating 40 yrs of KIN in our town, we are so proud to say “KIN Kindness” is alive and well in Conception Bay South.

Respectfully submitted,
LM Diane Butler and Kin Roger Cairns
KIN Club of Conception Bay South