Road Trip, Road Trip …

Posted By on April 25, 2016

Zone D ,Kinette Spring Zone, Marystown …April 15-17, 2016

A special Thank You to Marystown Kinettes for organizing a wonderful conference, we were also delighted to be there to celebrate Suzanna Glavine’s Life Membership. Kingrats again, Suzanna!

There were 5 current Members and 5 former Members of the KIN CLUB of CBS who attended the  Spring Zone D Kinette Spring Zone in Marystown and enjoyed an amazing weekend.

We were all surprised and thrilled when our very own Kin Linda arrived with Shelly and Sylvia to surprise us, it sure put the icing on the cake.  Linda, you are truly an inspiration to us and we can all learn a lot from you.  Who else would get up at 3:20 a.m. and leave  CBS at 7:00 a.m. to get there before us, you are one in a million. What a wonderful surprise!  Sure hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we enjoyed having you with us.

We are so proud of all the awards that we brought back to our club:

President Mary Bursey – won the Speaking Competition and we wish her all the very best at District Convention
LM Ros Cairns – won the Quill Award – “Hubby’s Remote Control Syndrome”…Ohh Kin Roger!  Good Luck at District!
Kin Gloria Evans – won the Lip Sync Award…Patsy Cline…”She’s Got You”…hilarious!
Kin Gloria Evans and Pres. Mary Bursey – Won Skit Award.. Topsail Beach will never be the same!
Kin Gloria – Winner of the photo contest of “Back to your Teens in 2016″…all teenage pictures of a few years back!

CBS April 2
A special THANK YOU to Deputy Governors Terry Janes and Patsy Inkpen for their outstanding  commitment, leadership and dedication to ZONE D, and Kingratulations to Incoming Deputy Governors Sherry Snow and John Connolly.

Wishing All Fellow Kin and their Families  a Safe and Happy Summer!

Yours in Kin Always,

PR Chairperson, LM Diane Butler
KIN Club of Conception Bay South