Promoting Kin During the Summer Months

Posted By on April 28, 2016

What a great time to promote your club!!  With the summer months comes hot and nice weather.  We do not have to worry about bundling up to go outside!  People are out and about.  Why not use this as an opportunity to promote your club.  Set up a booth at a local event, Canada Day, a civic sponsored event, or even a festival.  Why not sponsor or even cosponsor an event with a business or another not for profit organization.  This could include: a movie in the park, a family picnic, festival, sporting event, or even a children’s program.  What is wrong with making some money while promoting your club? Do a car wash, canteen / beer garden, or set up a local farmers market.  As you can see the opportunity are endless for promoting your club during the summer.

Hint!!!  Get a banner with your club name on it.  Buy some shirts with your logo on it.  Get a couple of Kin Flags to hang around the event.  But the most important thing is to plan for success!!


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