Starting a Kin Campus Club – The Approach

Posted By on May 13, 2016

A common problem when starting a Kin Campus club is who do you approach on campus and what benefits do you sell them. Step number one is pick a champion on campus who will be able to support Kin Campus Club both with human resources and possibly financially.  This person / organization could include the president, dean, student services, department head, or even student council.  Remember these people may not be actually be a Kin Campus advisor, but they can influence the success of the  start up and maintaining of Kin Campus club.  They may also know or be able to assign a person to act as a faculty advisor.

When selling the idea of establishing a Kin Club on campus, it is very important to sell the college / university on how it will benefit from having a Kin Campus Club.  One example could include Employability Skills 2000+ by the Conference Board of Canada ( )   This document identifies a number of soft skills (communication, problem solving, project management, responsibility, accountability, team work, etc) that a potential employer is looking for in a potential employee.  Another benefit for the college / university is the exposure that a Kin Campus Club can generate.  This could include projects completed, service learning, etc.

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