Lifestyle Marketing

Posted By on May 19, 2016

An interesting approach to recruiting new members is called lifestyle marketing.  Lifestyle marketing is aimed at people based on
‒    Things they like to do
‒    How they like to spend their leisure time
‒    How they like to spend their disposable income.

Step 1 Complete an  assessment of the present club membership.
‒    Why they joined Kin (volunteering, social interactions, networking opportunities, etc),
‒    Hobbies (snowmobiling, skiing, camping, cooking, investing, renovating, etc),
‒    Family characteristics (marital status, age and number of children, basic family responsibilities), ect

Step 2 Develop a club lifestyle profile based on the information provided by members.

Step 3 Approach potential members that meet a number of these characteristics found in your membership profile

The benefit of this approach is that your club will maximize its efforts on people who meet certain characteristics of the present group.  This will also reduce turnover in the club membership.


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