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Posted By on May 27, 2016

Each Kin club should establish a positioning strategy.  A positioning strategy is simply a marketing strategy that  differentiates your Kin club from all the other service organizations in your community in the mind of a stakeholder. A stakeholder could be a member, potential member, donor, participant in a project, media, community leaders, etc.  Keep your positioning strategy simple, yet focused.  The more complex your positioning strategy, the easier it is confuse a potential stakeholder.  Your positioning strategy needs to be flexible so it can change over time as your external environment changes.  Below are examples of positioning strategies that your club can consider:

●    How does your Kin club solve a problem or social issue? (MS, CF, Children’s Trust, Fort Mac fire, cancer treatment hostels out of town, etc)
●    How is your club bringing about change in your community?  (Social housing, a campground, sponsoring the annual Christmas parade, sponsor sports program, your various projects, etc)
●    How is your club helping its members achieve their personal goals? (Public speaking, team work, project management, conducting a meeting, etc)
●    What does your club have to offer a potential member? (Networking opportunities, fellowship, personal development, giving back to the community, etc)
●    How is your club different from the other service clubs in your community? (Projects, focus, members, demographics, gender, etc)
●    What specific demographic (age, marital status, gender, occupation, religion,, family situation, etc) is your club catering too? (All age groups, college / university students, single parents, male / female / mixed, retirees, 20 – 40 year olds, or even 40 plus, etc)


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