Mt Pearl and St John’s Kin Family Take Steps to Help Out Two Walks

Posted By on May 31, 2016

May 28th….what a day it was!

The day started with 5 Mount Pearl Kinettes, 1 Mount Pearl Kinsmen/MHA, 2 St. John’s Kinsmen/D7 Vice Governor, and one Kin Grand-Kid, coming together to “lend a hand” at the St John’s/Mount Pearl MS Walk.

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon preparing food and BBQing hots and hams for the close to 300 people registered. DG/VG Terry had the important task of driving the support vehicle (thank goodness no one needed support).

The room was buzzing with laughter, cheers, and chatter as we fed the walkers, and packed up all the leftover food and drink. Upon leaving the event we promptly made our way to a local shelter and donated it. They were so thankful for the fresh fruit telling us that it will be such a treat for their patrons.

Upon checking the time we realized we still had time to participate in the “Carstar’s Walk to Make Cystic Fibrosis History” being held at Pippy Park in St. John’s. Off we go again. While there we mingled and enjoyed seeing so many children playing and enjoying the man of the hour or rather, the bird of the hour “Buddy the Puffin”! The kids were so excited, Buddy was a great sport playing hide and seek with them as well as leading all the walkers in a blood pumping warm up session.

The weather was cold but spirits were high. Great day for a walk!!

And so ended a long, tiring, fun filled, satisfying, feel good, kind of a day 🙂

I’m in for next year! Who’s with me??

Many thanks to D7 VG Terry Janes, Kin Peter Collens, Incoming D7 Service Donna Collens and grandson Liam, kin Wanda Rees, Kin Kim Evans, and Kin Trisha Warford, for answering to call for help! Very much appreciated.

Yours in Kin

Michelle Harfitt

Zone D Service