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Posted By on June 2, 2016

There is a thought today that a website is a thing of the past.  In reality, your club’s website is a very important component to your digital marketing strategy.  A digital marketing strategy includes social media, smart phones, email marketing, content, search engine optimization, ect,  and website.

Think about your website as a depository of information that helps build your brand, helps people in their research for a potential service club, providing present members with information, and recruiting new members.  Consider the following, when you go to buy a product / service / volunteer in your community, what is your first step?  The first thing you will do is to research the product / service / service organization online.  You will find out as much about the product / service / service group as you possibly can before you make a decision.

Before a person starts their research into a voluntary organization, they will develop a set of criterion that is important to them. In looking for a voluntary opportunity a person might be looking for the following:
•    How can I utilize my skills
•    How can I develop a new skill sets (team work, project management, public speaking ect)
•    Networking opportunities
•    The organization’s past history
•    How does it contribute to my community
•    How do I get in contact with someone
•    How family oriented is the club
•    How does it fit with my age, interests, family obligations, ect
•    Is this club a social / work organization.

Your job is to develop a website that answers all the questions that a potential recruit wants answers too.  Also explain the benefit of joining your organization as opposed to joining another organization.

Remember the goal of social media. email, search engines is to drive people to your website where you can provide them with more detailed information.


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