Kinette Club of New Glasgow participates in local fundraiser for Youths for Roots

Posted By on August 1, 2016

On July 16th the Kinette Club of New Glasgow entered a team to participate in the Routes for Riches (Amazing Race) fundraiser for the Roots Youth Society. This was the first year this event was held  and it was a huge success raising over $13,000. The Kinette club was proud to be part of this event and  look forward to continue supporting the Youth for Roots Society and their work with our youth in the community.

Roots for Youth is a non-profit charitable organization that provides services and programs to youth in Pictou County Nova Scotia. The main focus of the Society is working with youth who are experiencing difficulties in regards to homelessness and those fleeing violent or abusive situations.
In 2011, the Society purchased a house which is named Roots House. Roots House runs daily Drop in sessions for youth ages 16 up to age 24, where the youth can cook a meal, get online, take a shower, do laundry for free, and find someone to talk to. The Roots house is available  7 days a week, 365 days a year and offers youth in need of accommodation a temporary place to stay .


Kin members in the photo are in front row: Kin Kid Lola Simmons and Claire Timmons. Back row: Donna Atwater ,Katelyn Dykstra and Maggie Lalande

IMG_7201.JPG Roots for Youth