Botwood Kinsmen Club Annual Donation Dinner

Posted By on November 20, 2016

The Botwood Kinsmen Club recently held their Annual Donation Dinner

Presentations were made to the following groups:

  1. Botwood Boys & Girls Club- $750
  2. Minor Hockey- $750
  3. Seaport Skaters Figure skating Club  $750
  4. Goodwill Center.  $750
  5. S A Christmas Hampers $750
  6. Botwood Sea Cadets  $750
  7. Botwood Kinsmen Library  $750
  8. Memorial Academy Breakfast Program  $300
  9. Botwood Kinsmen Scholarship  $300
  10. Pt Leamington Public Library $300
  11. Mural Arts $2500


At the Botwood Kinsmen Club Annual Donation Dinner representatives from the groups receiving assistance are pictured (front) Lillian Langdon (Goodwill Centre), Mary Keefe (Goodwill Centre), Kevin Jeans (President Kinsmen Club), Jacob Rowsell (Botwood Boy’s and Girls Club (BBGC)), Frank Dominie (Botwood Mural Arts Society (BMAS)); (middle) Violet Paul (Kids Eat Smart), Nancy Paul (Minor Hockey), Arlene White (Minor Hockey), Wavy Penton (Salvation Army hampers), Jennifer Mills (CO 21 RCSCC Preservers), Terry Osmond (Point Leamington school/library), Colleen Hayter (BBGC), Jennifer Foss (Figure Skating), Deana Humber (Figure Skating); (back) Wanda Fisher (Kinsmen/library).