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Posted By on November 25, 2016


This Christmas Give a Gift that Matters

It’s almost Christmas. As I write this, we are exactly one month out. And it’s Black Friday. The malls will be swamped today. Millions of dollars will change hands as we seek out those elusive deals and shop to find the perfect gift for our friends and family. Well, ‘tis the season…

But, how would you like to give a gift that really matters to the person who receives it? This gift will cost you nothing; just an hour of your time. The gift I’m speaking of is the gift of life that we give when we donate blood or blood products.

Did you know that heart surgery and cancer treatments require up to 5 units of blood each? That’s 5 donors. The victim of a serious automobile accident can require blood from up to 50 donors. When blood is donated it is generally used within a couple of days to give someone the gift of life. And its important to give regularly because our stock of available blood is always at a critically low level, especially during the holiday season.

Kin Canada is a Partner for Life with Canadian Blood Services, the not for profit organization that manages Canada’s blood supply. Nationwide we have pledged to donate 565 units of blood in 2016. Currently we are at 81% of this goal. In District 7 we are committed to making 75 donations. As of November 24th we have made 31 donations. That is 41% of our commitment. But we still have 5 weeks to go before the end of the year.

So now I’m asking you to roll up your sleeve and give the gift that costs you nothing but will mean the world to the person who receives it. I know this is a busy time of year for everyone but I think everyone can find an hour in the weeks ahead; one hour to help save a life. Make it a family affair! Anyone who is 18 years old and in good health can donate. If you have time, organize a group donation event. This can be from your club members, your workplace colleagues, your friends and neighbours… all are needed. And all will feel the immense satisfaction that comes with doing something worthwhile; something important!

To find a clinic near you and their hours of operation, go to While there are few travelling clinics this time of year, there are permanent clinics in Moncton, Saint John, Halifax, Charlottetown, and St. John’s.

But before you go to the clinic make sure you and your friends/family are registered as a District 7 partner. Registering is easy: if you are already a blood donor go Click on the District 7 Partner ID# number KINC110265 and fill out the required information in the online form. Once you register you will get credit for all your donations made since January this year. If you are not already a donor, make a donation at a clinic and when you get your blood donation number, follow the steps above to register as a District 7 Kin donor.

This Christmas season give the gift that counts! Give the gift that will cost you nothing but mean the world to the person who receives it. Give the gift of life!

Craig White

District 7 Champion

Blood Donation Service Committee