Club Websites

Posted By on November 14, 2017

Looking to setup a website for your club but not sure where to start?
Would you like to be able to easily share your club’s posts and events to the District page?
Would you like all of these things to be simple and easy to use?

We are proud to launch our hosted sites! For the affordable price of $50 a year you can have an easy and simple to use webpage located at With that you get a standard template which has everything you need to start using it right away. All hosted websites are linked to the main District 7 site, meaning it will automatically pull and share your posts and calendar events. It can also be setup to share these items on your social media automatically if you have them! This was discussed at FLC during the “Taking your club online” session (Which can be found here). Some basic how-to guides for posting an article and an event can be found here, with more tutorials being created in the coming months. If this sounds like something your club is interested in, please send an email to Communications Director Mike at and we will get the process started.