National Day of KINdness “Own the Day” Strategy

Posted By on February 21, 2019

Fellow Kin,
Here is a short excerpt for the National Day of KINdness “Own the Day” Strategy:

‘For the National Day of KINdness (NDK), we want to “own the day” on Facebook, Twitter, and
Our main hashtags are #KinCanada#ProudToBeKin, and #GiveBackHaveFun. Including one or
more of these hashtags in your posts really helps centralize Kin Canada content. At a minimum, it is
recommended that #KinCanada be included in every post. Not including hashtags means that only your
current followers will see your posts (so you could be missing out on a new followers/prospective
members). These hashtags are good to use all year round!

Kin Canada also has event-specific hashtags that are communicated throughout the year. For example, #KINdness and #PassItOn are the official hashtags for National Day of KINdness. No matter which day between now and NDK you are spreading KINdness, be sure to share your impact and add the official hashtags to your posts!’

So, be sure to use these hashtags this NDK when posting on social media!

The full guide can be found at…/Se…/National_Day_of_KINdness_Home.aspx