From National – Link to Online Criminal Record Check Service

Posted By on March 7, 2019


Are you required to submit a Criminal Record Check as part of a position you hold in the Association? Or do you have a prospective member who has been approved at your club level but they’ve been slow to get their Criminal Record Check done? We’ve made it easier than ever to get your check! BackCheck allows you to request your check without leaving your house (it’s a fully online process)! It’s only $17 + tax! Your results are available within one business day and BackCheck will even send your results directly to HQ for free! If you are using BackCheck to obtain/send your results, please note that you do still need to submit the Authorization and Consent Form through the appropriate folder in Sync or via email to The form gives us permission to use your information for the purposes of our Volunteer Screening Policy. More information is available on iKin under Risk Management–Volunteer Screening.……/k/kincanada/

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