District Convention 2019: Official Call

Posted By on April 7, 2019

Keepin It Clean in 2019
District Convention 2019
Bible Hill, NS

This is your official call to District Convention 2019

The Conference will be June 13 – 16, 2019, hosted by the Kinsmen Club of Bible Hill at the Best Western Glengarry, 150 Willow St, Truro NS B2N 4Z6, Phone: 902-893-4311 or 800-567-4276

Attached are the following:

  1. Registration Form. Also set up this year is an automated registration form which can be found on the District Website.  Just follow the instructions and hit submit.  Also on the electronic registration form you will have the ability to make payment through E-Transfer.  Under the Payment Type – click on E-transfer and follow instructions.
  2. Accredited Delegate Form. Forms are due no later than May 25th.  Also attached are instructions on how to fill out the Accredited Delegate Form.  Please send completed forms to Terry Janes.  Accredited Delegate Forms will not be accepted past May 25th.

Things to Know:

  • We have a declared VG Candidate
  • We have Speak Off Participants
  • Lindsay King from National Headquarters will be in attendance
  • Conference Brochure – will be using a electronic format. They will be emailed to each member that registers for the conference plus they will be posted on the District Web Site.
  • Any resolutions for debate at District Convention must be submitted to the District Secretary/Coordinator, Claudette Levesque, by May 4th, 2019 (40 Days prior to the start of district convention). All additional resolutions received will be distributed to the club presidents, a minimum of 30 days prior to the conference.

Please review the awards program, deadlines are fast approaching

The Bible Hill Kinsmen, together with your DEC, have been very busy planning your convention.  Expect to have fun, fellowship and business.

The various agendas are being worked on and should be released within a couple of weeks of the conference.  Preliminary Agendas have been attached.

Please email me or call me anytime if you should have any questions.

Yours in Kin

Richard Hawboldt

Register Online Here

Printable PDF Form

Accredited Delegate Form

How To Fill Out Accredited Delegate Form

Preliminary District Convention Itinerary 

**Subject to change**