Atlantic Tides – Awards Corner – Changes to National Awards

Posted By on October 14, 2019

Diane Rogers Kin Pride Award – has been retired.

Diamond Jubilee Award – This award will run from 2 Jan 2020 – 10 Apr 2020 (100 days). The objective is to challenge members to locate the correct answers (fun facts) by reaching out to fellow Kin members across Canada. You will not find these answers in a book but some might be found in old Kin Magazines. This award will only be available for the 2019/20 Kin year in celebration of Kin’s 100 year anniversary. If you receive 51% correct answers you will receive a one time commemorative pin. So lets all Celebrate our 100 year by participating in this Award I am sure you will have some fun with it.

Boake Efficiency Award – Two new additions under National Requirements have been added – Submitted National Accredited Delegate Form on time and Submitted National Service Report. In addition the Deputy Governor can sign and submit on behalf of the clubs now.