Atlantic Tides – D7 Kin Celebrating Joining Dates in Oct

Posted By on October 14, 2019

Governor Pat would like to congratulate the following active D7 Kin who have anniversaries (join dates). These members have a combined 1,290 years in serving the Communities Greatest Need.

Please give them a shoutout at your next meeting.

Sackville (NS) Kinsmen Club John Harrison 23-Oct-6 51
Nashwaaksis Kin Club Arden Doak 1-Oct-76 43
New Waterford Kinsmen Club Greg Wareham 1-Oct-77 42
Botwood Kinsmen Club Dennis Woolridge 19-Oct-82 37
Marystown Kinsmen Club Kevin Glavine 31-Oct-83 36
Botwood Kinsmen Club John Carl Newhook 1-Oct-84 35
Halifax Kin Club Brian Robert Hastings 2-Oct-84 35
Rose Blanche Kinsmen Club Henry Charles Herritt 31-Oct-84 35
Florenceville Kin Club Greg C. Underhill 30-Oct-86 33
Bridgewater & Area Kinsmen Club Jamie Conrad 31-Oct-86 33
Bridgeport & Area Kinsmen Club Christopher Rideout 31-Oct-88 31
Marystown Kinsmen Club Al Joseph Spencer 12-Dec-88 31
Green Bay Kinsmen Club Brian Pynn 23-Feb-89 30
Fredericton Kinsmen Club Gary J. Jones 24-Oct-89 30
Summerside Kinsmen Club William J. Smith 24-Oct-89 30
Notre Dame Kinsmen Club Bill Bryan 31-Oct-89 30
St. John’s Kinsmen Club Peter David Collens 25-Oct-90 29
Paradise Kin Club Michelle Harfitt 31-Oct-90 29
Sackville (NS) Kinette Club Katheryn Minty 28-Oct-91 28
Glace Bay Kinsmen Club Kenneth Alan MacLennan 31-Oct-91 28
Sydney Kinsmen Club Chris F. McIntyre 31-Oct-92 27
Marystown Kinette Club Margaret Ann Cleal 19-Oct-93 26
Mount Pearl Kinette Club Tami Warren 20-Oct-93 26
Fredericton Kinsmen Club George Wilmer Bunting. 25-Oct-93 26
Gros Morne Kinsmen Club Daniel Critch 31-Oct-93 26
Florenceville Kin Club Kim Dawn Foster 25-Oct-94 25
Bible Hill Kinsmen Club Peter Taylor 4-Oct-95 25
Paradise Kin Club Connie Penney 17-Oct-95 25
New Waterford Kinsmen Club Andrew Louie Digero 19-Oct-95 25
Botwood Kinsmen Club Eugene B. Woolridge 3-Oct-96 24
Bridgeport & Area Kinsmen Club Rodney B. Fudge 16-Oct-96 24
Florenceville Kin Club Sterling R. Everett 18-Oct-96 24
Glace Bay Kinsmen Club Ed J. Doolan 6-Oct-97 23
Liverpool Kinsmen Club Timothy White 4-Oct-00 19
Fredericton Kinsmen Club Allan F. Pringle 13-Oct-00 19
New Glasgow Kinsmen Club Tim S. Mosher 25-Oct-00 19
Bathurst Kinsmen Club Denis Jean 7-Nov-00 19
Green Bay Kinsmen Club Joseph Colbourne 10-Oct-01 18
Corner Brook Kinsmen Club Tom Coombs 16-Oct-01 18
Conception Bay South Kin Club Neta Kelloway 10-Oct-02 17
Fredericton Kinsmen Club Lee Burry 25-Oct-02 17
New Glasgow Kinsmen Club Doug Mann 28-Oct-03 16
Notre Dame Kinsmen Club Jerry Snow 24-Oct-06 13
Charlottetown Kinsmen Club Kirby Burke 21-Oct-08 11
New Glasgow Kinsmen Club Fred G. Haddad 8-Oct-09 10
Notre Dame Kinsmen Club Dave Reid 16-Oct-09 10
Goose-Happy Valley Kinette Club Lori-Anne Burton. 23-Oct-09 10
Conception Bay South Kin Club Gerry Hogan 12-Oct-11 9
Bible Hill Kinsmen Club Quinn McCarthy 13-Oct-11 9
Goose-Happy Valley Kinette Club Rhonda Short 19-Oct-11 9
Florenceville Kin Club Allan Downey 26-Oct-12 7
Paradise Kin Club Lisa Gray 24-Oct-13 6
Antigonish Kinsmen Club Brett H. Phinney 31-Oct-14 5
Halifax Kin Club Bill Gullage 20-Oct-15 4
Halifax Kin Club Margaret Gullage 20-Oct-15 4
Edmundston, Club Kinette D’ Sylvie Lapointe 26-Oct-15 4
Paradise Kin Club Ian Austin 12-Oct-16 3
Paradise Kin Club Eldred Waterman 12-Oct-16 3
Paradise Kin Club Sharon Waterman 12-Oct-16 3
Central PEI Kinette Club Alesia Desjardins 2-Oct-17 2
Antigonish Kinsmen Club Jeff Banks 20-Oct-17 2
Antigonish Kinsmen Club Simon Hillyard 20-Oct-17 2