Resource Spot Light #3 – Budget Information

Posted By on August 11, 2020


Budget Resource

Resource Spot Light #3

Budget Information

While the proposed 2020-21 Budget may not seem like a resource, it certainly fuels the Association’s plan for recovery. Without the budget, our ability to execute an effective plan is greatly diminished, so as you can see, the budget is a pretty important resource for moving forward.
The budget was first released to the membership on June 10 and four town hall meetings were help. Since that time, two addendums were added to answer a few questions from those town hall meetings. Important to the conversation is an understanding on how the budget was built and the prevailing philosophies that went into deciding our overall strategy.
First and foremost, our goal is to position ourselves in such a way that meaningful support is available to every club which contributes to our commitment to Club Preservation, Member Retention and over all Resiliency.
The budget information is not complete without the companion pieces 2020-2021 COVID-19 Relief Programs and the Club Quick Start to Recovery Toolkit so be sure to review those documents for the most complete picture of our strategy and to see how we are Working Together for Preservation, Retention and Resilience.
Follow the link below to watch the core presentation of the budget recorded during one of the Town Hall Meetings AND be sure to visit iKin to keep up-to-date on all resources and the information for the annual meeting on August 23,1pm eastern – more information on the AGM to follow!
Budget Document + Addendums + 2020-2021 COVID-19 Relief Programs + Club Quick Start to Recovery Toolkit + Town Hall Meeting = Good Basis of Information