Posted By on August 11, 2020


Our Commitment to Supporting Clubs in Need Part II

The impact of COVID-19 has not just been felt financially by our Clubs as many events, activities and fund-raisers have either been put-on-hold or out rightly cancelled. These are the activities that fill our spirit. It’s might be hard to get back on track especially when there is a sense that this pandemic isn’t over.

It is possible that Clubs may be experiencing a spiritual lull. Thankfully, the very things we do lifts our spirits and self-esteem and your club may only need a quick start to regain its momentum and enthusiasm for Serving the Community’s Greatest Need.

Many Clubs have reorganized and found new ways to do the things they love most. Perseverance is the key and clubs may have to use an entrepreneurial mindset to see them through.
Whatever may be ailing your Club, the folks working on Club Support have developed the COVID-19 Quick Start to Recovery Toolkit. This toolkit is to help you quickly assess and address those things that are challenging your Club’s vitality and best of all, help is there for the asking either through your Zone, District or National Headquarters.

This is just another part of our strategy of Working Together for Preservation, Retention and Resilience.

We want to get this right and are standing behind our promise of working together…so, whatever challenges your Club is facing, we want to hear about and we want to help! Our National Club Support Coordinator is Lindsay E King and along with a network of Club Support Committee and District Clubs Support Directors, they are ready to get you the help you need.

Grant L. Ferron