Kinsmen Club of Sackville Donate to SPCA

Posted By on November 20, 2020

Kinsmen Club of Sackville

The Kinsmen Club of Sackville has added a new feature to their bingo. As a thank you to their bingo patrons and as a gesture of appreciation, the Sackville Kinsmen will be making periodic donations to charities of the patron’s collective choosing. All bingo patrons were given a ballot with which they could nominate a charity of their choice for a $500 donation from the Sackville Kinsmen.

The ballots to nominate a group or organization in the Sackville & surrounding area with a $500 donation were distributed.  It was well received with 128 ballots returned from 130 patrons.  All ballots were distributed in a sealed bag along with a Sackville Kinsmen pen (see attached picture).  The top three vote getters were on a second ballot the next week’s bingo.

The patrons then would vote from the top three nominees to award the $500 donation.

The SPCA were the recipients of the inaugural $500 donation.

Thank you to all the Kinsmen Club of Sackville Hall Bingo patrons for their continued support.