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Posted By on June 9, 2021

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Dear Kin Members:


Thank you for your continued support of Canadians with cystic fibrosis and CF Canada.


CF Canada is continuing the fight to gain access to life changing medicines by launching the #CFCantWait Campaign. We are at a critical time in the decision-making process for Canadian access to life-changing treatments, like Trikafta. A call to action, the #CFCantWait Campaign is focused around ensuring that life-changing CF modulators, Trikafta, Kalydeco and Orkambi, are publicly funded immediately upon Health Canada’s approval of Trikafta. Critical decisions are expected from government bodies in June 2021 that will impact access to Trikafta in Canada. We’re asking all Canadians to act now and show your support for urgent access!


Wondering how to get involved? There are three easy actions you can take to show your support! Actions include:



  1. Sign the #CFcantwait petition.  
    1. Visit and tell your province that the miracle drug Trikafta must not become caught in the same red tape that has held up other life-changing CF drugs for years! We need access to life-saving CF drugs without delay! Our goal is 30,000+ signatures on the #CFcantwait petition by the end of May to show provincial elected officials how much public support there is for this urgent call! Every signature counts as we’ll be telling elected officials exactly how much support there is in their ridings for access to life-saving CF medicines! Please, sign the petition now.
  1. Connect with your provincial elected official! There are two ways you can do this… 
  2.   Have a meeting:The most effective way to spread our urgent message is to meet with your provincial elected official. We’re aiming to meet with as many provincial elected officials as possible across Canada between April and June. Will you go further for CF and meet with your provincial elected official? Do you have friends and family members in different ridings that could do the same? Find out more about the Meeting Challenge now. Check out the attachment to see if your riding, or one of your family member or friend’s riding has been covered.


  1. Send a letter: If meeting with your elected official is not possible, you, your friends and family, can use our easy online letter template to send a letter to your provincial elected official. Every letter counts, as your provincial elected official will see just how many people in their riding care about access to life-saving CF drugs. Send a letter now.


  1. Share! Share! Share!  
    1. Share the #CFcantwait petition, Meeting Challenge and letter template with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Every additional name, voice and meeting will help to tell the provinces that we need access to life-saving CF medicines now. Use the hashtag #CFcantwait and tag CF Canada when sharing posts about CF advocacy! We have attached some graphics you can use to share on social media, or you can create your own posts.
    2. Follow our social media channels on InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest CF Canada news or subscribe to our new advocacy e-newsletter ‘The Advocacy Brief’


You are already such incredible supporters. Your support will help break through the red tape holding back access to life-changing cystic fibrosis drugs.


To participate in the Challenge, please email and



Together in the fight,

Kim Steele, Jen Harbin & Hannah Dolhai


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