Kin Fellowship Night 14Jul’21- 8pm EDT

Posted By on July 3, 2021

Kin Fellowship Night

An event posted by Lindsay King…With Kin across Canada not being able to come together at this point in time. Let’s make the most of it and enjoy each other’s company online, play some games and have a laugh!
For our July Fellowship, we will be using GeoGuessr ( to test your knowledge of Canada and learn more about the country we live in!
GeoGuessr is a site that uses Google Maps to zoom in on one particular location anywhere in Canada that players must guess. The closer we are to the exact location, the more points we earn.
We’re going to alter the game slightly so that we play as a team to guess the location, we’ll need players from all over Canada so we can earn a high score!
Everyone is encouraged to participate on Zoom aloud or through the chat and guess where in Canada you think Google Maps has taken us.