Interim Executive Director

Posted By on July 14, 2021

Dear Fellow Kin:
As we embark on a new Kin year, the National Board of Directors wishes to keep you, the membership, informed on a development that will be front and center in the weeks ahead for Kin Canada’s Board.
As a follow-up to Executive Director Grant’s July 14th message on The Link (which indicated that he will be taking a leave of absence), we are now seeking an Interim Executive Director for Kin Canada. The length of this contract is still to be determined.
The National Board wants you to know that the Operations Team has been preparing for Executive Director Grant’s leave for some time; they are well-equipped to continue their roles and responsibilities until an Interim Executive Director is selected.
Our communication today continues to strive for transparency and an open relationship between the members and the Board. However, as an employer of the Executive Director, there are things that we must keep confidential in accordance with federal employment laws. If you have any questions, please address them directly to National Secretary Lucie Boissonneault or National President Terri Iredale.
As the Board seeks an Interim Executive Director and continues to move forward on the membership’s behalf, your respect and support are greatly appreciated.
Over the past six years, Executive Director Grant has led Kin Canada Operations with professionalism, strategic direction, and passion for Kin’s mission of Serving the Community’s Greatest Need. It is our hope to find someone as loyal, dedicated, and passionate to fill the Executive Director role during Grant’s leave.
We will be seeking candidates swiftly and will inform the membership once a candidate is selected. We are confident that we will attract candidates who are well-equipped with the skillsets required to continue moving our Association into the future.
Yours in Kin,
National Board of Directors
Kin Canada
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