Kin Canada Building Task Force

Posted By on July 26, 2021

Fellow Kin,
After putting the call out for members to assist in the exploration of options for the future of the Kin Canada building, we are pleased to share that the task force team is now in place.
The goal of this group is to gather, validate, and communicate to the Kin Canada membership, all the information required to make an informed and educated decision about the future of the Kin Canada headquarters building in Cambridge, Ontario.
We are very excited to let you know that Life Member Darrell Cooper has been named Project Manager. LM Darrell has been a member of Kin Canada for 40 years, but more importantly, he brings 16+ years of experience in a relevant field of work. LM Darrel is a member of the Kinsmen Club of Greater London in District 1 and has served at all levels of Kin up to and including the National Board of Directors. He is currently employed by Fastenal Canada as the Store Development Manager.
Other members of the task force team include:
Life Member Elaine Couch
Elaine is a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Kinettes in District 1. She is a Past Governor, and she is currently employed as a highly skilled administrative professional working for HR Block.
Andy Davis
Andy is a member of the Kinsmen Club of Smith Falls in District 8. He is a semi-retired health and safety expert.
Bill Gullage
Bill is a member of the Kin Club of Halifax in District 7. He is employed as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).
Phil Quackenbush
Phil is a member of the Kin Club of Preston in District 1. He is employed as a Master Electrician.
Life Member Guy Smith
LM Guy is a member of the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton in District 4. He is a Past Governor and is currently employed by Cachet Concepts and Consulting.
Jessie Williamson
Jesse is a member of the Kin Club of Flamborough in District 1. He is employed by the City of Hamilton as a Project Manager for youth initiatives.
We have no doubt that this team of highly qualified individuals is well-suited to explore various paths forward and make recommendations to the membership in a clear, concise, and transparent manner.
We thank all these dedicated Kin who have stepped up to lead.
Yours in Kin,
National Board of Directors
Kin Canada National Board of Directors
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