Kin’s Association with MS

Posted By on August 3, 2021

The story of how Kin became associated with MS.When diagnosed with MS more than 30 years ago, John Sears of Fredericton, New Brunswick, became a member of the MS Society. Shortly thereafter, he was elected to the Atlantic Division’s board of directors and was later appointed to chair. Being an active Kinsmen with Kin District 7, John saw an opportunity before him. At the Kin Fall Council meeting in 1977, he proposed Kin District 7 provide support to the MS Society. The motion was carried out and in 1978 the partnership, or Koinonia, began.

Today, Kin District 7 members raise funds, provide leadership at several WALK sites, donate meeting space, host events, raise awareness, and give invaluable support to the Atlantic Division. In the past thirty years, Kin Canada Atlantic District 7 has contributed over $2.3 million to the MS Society.

In 2007 to mark the celebration of a three decade-long partnership between the MS Society’s Atlantic Division and Kin Canada Atlantic District 7, the MS Atlantic Division presented KIN District 7 with the unique gift of a star named Koinonia, an ancient Greek word meaning community, partnership, and the spirit of sharing, in their honour.

Officially registered with the International Star Registry, the newly named star, situated to the right of the Little Dipper’s handle, is a tribute to the partnership between two organizations and a testament to one man’s vision.

It is estimated that 1 in every 385 Canadians live with MS.  Here in Atlantic Canada, we estimate that there are approximately 7000 living with MS:  3000 in NS, 1000 in PEI, 1500 in NL, and 2500 in NB.

Contributions from Kin allow for the MS Society to focus efforts on accelerating research to develop new therapies and advancing treatments, increase access to important local programs and services, and mobilizing government support to create public awareness.

MS Society of Canada, Atlantic Division Contact Information

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