Double rainbows. Double scoops. Doubleheaders.

Posted By on August 9, 2021

Some things are just better doubled. Don’t believe us?

?Double rainbows. ?Double scoops. ?Doubleheaders.
This year, A&W Canada is supporting Canadians living with MS by matching your donations made between now and August 19 (up to $20,000!!!). Maximize your donations by taking advantage of this amazing opportunity and help us reach our goal of a world free of MS.

On August 19, you can take part in Burgers to Beat MS where $2 from every Teen Burger® ordered will be helping Canadians affected by MS.

There will be limited dining room activity on Burgers to Beat MS Day. Instead, order a ? on Burgers to Beat MS Day through: ? A&W Canada mobile ordering, drive-thru?, or ? take-out!