A Message from NP Terri Iredale…

Posted By on August 21, 2021

A message from National President Terri Iredale..
Hard to believe I am now down to my last few hours in office, where did that year go?
Despite all the struggles this year threw at us, we still connected, and we still served the community’s greatest need. Perhaps at times not as much as we wanted, but we did, and we should be very proud of that.
I know not everyone will be online today for the Annual General Meeting and the Installation and Decew-Phee Outstanding District Award ceremony after the AGM, so I just wanted to take a quick moment here to say thank you, for a different but still remarkable year serving as your National President.
I wasn’t able to jet set across the country, to visit, to work at a project or get to many functions, special events, meetings, or District Tours, but technology did allow for me to connect with you online.
For all the cards, emails, Facebook messages, calls, and tags on Facebook, thank you fellow Kin for making this “ unique” year as your National President still a special one for me.
Because of the lack of abilities to do things in person, one thing that I will truly miss out on is the Facebook memories in the years to come because I really have not any pictures of me with you.
So just for fun and my own photo album, if you took a pic of a virtual meeting or social that I attended would you please post it here in the chat for me to capture for my own. I would truly appreciate it.
Fellow Kin, I do hope to see you later online, but if I don’t, I look forward to you seeing in days, weeks and months ahead.