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Posted By on September 26, 2021

Link your CBS account to Kin Canada

Help reach your District’s goal by linking your donations to Kin Canada- it’s easy to do! Donations that are not linked to our District will not count toward the pledge.

Step 1 – Download the “GiveBlood” app or go to  and set up a new account OR use your regular sign in (if you have an existing account)

Step 2 –
WEBSITE – In the menu select “Partners” or choose the “join/manage organizations” tile
GIVEBLOOD APP – choose “Partners” bottom right or in the menu

Step 3 – Type in Kin Canada, then choose District 7 from the drop-down menu and select JOIN THE TEAM

Once you are registered with a team, all donations will be counted towards our District team. You can even see your team’s goal and progress:

Encourage your friends and family to link their accounts too to help reach the goal faster
Patrick R Bowers
Kin Canada Atlantic D7
District Service Director
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