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Posted By on February 28, 2022

Update from the National Board of Directors
Please note: In an effort to keep Kin Canada’s membership updated on National Board of Directors (NBOD) activities and progress in an efficient and effective manner, Inside the Boardroom updates will now be included in Kinnections. All editions of Kinnections are available on under Reports and Meeting Minutes.
The National Board of Directors held their first meeting of 2022 on January 25. There was 100% attendance, and we were pleased to have Kin Canada Operations Manager, Carmen Preston, join us. We were excited to kick off a new calendar year and are focused on continuing progress in many areas as we near our Kin year-end in June.
The Finance and Audit Committee provided an update on their ongoing review of the National Dues Billing process. The NBOD had a lengthy discussion regarding this topic and we anticipate an update from the Finance and Audit Committee at our next meeting. We will be continuing to look at dues assessments, the timing of invoice distribution to clubs, and payment collection methods including credit card, e-transfer, and installments. Considerations will include what works best for clubs and the efficient management of our Association’s finances.
The Human Resources Committee reported that efforts regarding the search for an Interim Executive Director continue. Prior to the end of 2021, candidates for the revised competition were shortlisted and the first round of interviews was held.
The Strategic Planning Committee shared that they met on January 18 to reflect on the discussions held during the recent Kin Canada Strategy sessions. During our January NBOD meeting, this Committee lead a 20-minute presentation to update the board and discuss what the Committee’s next steps will be for moving this work forward.
The Succession Committee has been hard at work as they continue to evaluate the process of how National Directors are currently rotating. They indicated they could be proposing a new direction for the Board to consider for the future.
During the Kin Canada Foundation Board report, members shared that Foundation Board videos have been transferred from their website to Youtube and that their most recent meeting was on January 15.
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