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Posted By on February 28, 2022

Club Health Assessment
The Club Health Assessment is a tool clubs can use to do an annual check up on how things are going. Using the tool, club members work together to assess different aspects of club operations and identify strengths and areas to improve. With the results, clubs prepare an action plan that helps them reach their goals.
Don’t wait until something is wrong to use the Club Health Assessment! Consider it as a proactive and regular assessment and benchmarking exercise within your club each Kin year.
Service Tracker
If your club has trouble keeping track of projects and struggles at the end of the year to come up with your total service hours and dollars, consider using the Service Tracker to record your numbers monthly or after each project. This will make it easier to complete annual Service Reporting in June!
Find it at: Service Tracker
Member Retention
Struggling with retention? Check out the post on the Kin Blog by Past Governor Tim Babcock of the Flin Flon Kinsmen. Tim covers how to engage your membership early and often and the importance of fun, fellowship, mentorship, and taking advantage of all Kin has to offer!
Find it at: Member Retention
A World of Possibilities
Are you a learner or are you a judger? Don’t know what this means? It all stems from possibility thinking and being able to open your mind and change your perspectives to allow for more possibilities. Check out the presentations and handouts with your club.
National Awards Spotlight
Boake and Outstanding Boake Awards
The objectives of the Boake and Outstanding Boake awards are to reward clubs that meet all district and national administrative requirements in the Kin year.
Pursuing this award as a club is an easy way to keep track of which important administrative “to do’s” happen throughout the year.
To learn more about these awards, please see the affidavit. To be considered for this award, clubs must submit their completed affidavit by June 30, 2022.
*Note that the requirements for the Boake Award have changed this year. Two of the previously mandatory items have been removed to make it easier for clubs to accomplish.
*For Outstanding Boake, attendance at virtual Fall Leadership Conferences, Spring Zones, and District Conventions count toward the requirements.
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