Spotlight on Bridgeport & Area Kinsmen

Posted By on January 29, 2023

Hi Fellow Kin,

After a 25 year hiatus Kin Kenneth returned to the Bridgeport & Area Kinsmen!

  Bridgeport & Area is welcoming our newest member Kenneth Dove to our Club! Kin Kenneth (on left) was presented his new members kit by membership director kin Randy White (on right). Kenneth was a member of our Club before and enjoyed Kinsmen to the fullest, but had to leave the Club to move away for work. 25 years later he is back!!


The Kinsmen Club of Bridgeport & Area host a dart tournament December 28 every year! This year they decided to call the tournament the “Kinsmen Cup” they purchased a trophy and will engrave the winning team names on the trophy! This year they had 10 teams participate with players from all over central Newfoundland! It was a great success and fundraiser! They already have team booked for next year!


Every Christmas the Kinsmen Club of Bridgeport & Area members and partners take part in “Snowball Night”. This is a club fellowship event where we all visit other members homes during Christmas for some Refreshments, Food, and Fellowship! We had a great turnout again this year and everyone had a great time!

Thank you Bridgeport & Area Kinsmen for Sharing!!

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