Communications Dir. 2021-22


Hello Fellow Kin,

My name is Deborah Noseworthy and I am very excited to be on Governor Bill’s Team as your D7 Communications Director 2021-2022.

I attended my first Kin meeting in Sept’14 and was installed in the Kinette Club of Mt Pearl (NL) in Feb ’15.  Going to that first meeting was the best decision I have ever made.  I now consider Kin my second family!

Since joining Kinettes, I have served on our Club Executive as Secretary, Vice President, President, Education/ Awards Director  and now this coming year as Treasurer. I’ve also been on the Zone D Team as Membership Director and Deputy Governor.

The year I  was Club President we received both the Boake and Outstanding Boake Efficiency Awards. I have been the recipient of the Maple Leaf Award of Distinction and just recently submitted my application for the Founders Award of Achievement. I also received the Zone D Richard Levandier Outstanding Presidents Award; D7 Outstanding Zone Award; and the Marilyn Foote Memorial Outstanding DG Award.   The opportunities for professional and personal development in Kin are immeasurable.

I am a true Newfoundlander , born and raised in St. Johns. I have, however, lived in New Brunswick and Alberta . I spent 35+ years of my life in my career as a Travel Consultant working for someone else. I decided to change that and became self employed as a home based travel agent in 2019. Then Covid hit all of us and everything changed. Perhaps it is time for me to try again!

This pandemic opened all our eyes with respects to how we stay connected with each other. Technology is the new “in-person” environment. Communications have never been as important as they are now.

I promise to keep all of our D7 Kin members connected and informed with up to date and relevant happenings in our Kin organization.  Please reach out to me and send me your pictures, and events so we can share these with the rest of our Kin family and the public.

Looking forward to an amazing year!

Yours In Kin,

Deborah Noseworthy

Communications Director 2021-22

“Inspiration, Inclusivity, Innovation”