Fall Leadership Conference

Fall Leadership Conference 2022 – “Look What We Can Do in 2022”

Hosted by the Kin Club of Florenceville October 27th – 30th, 2022

The FLC Registration form for “Look What We Can Do in 2022” is now available.  The Kin Club of Florenceville is looking forward to hosting this year’s FLC at the Amsterdam Inn & Suites in Florenceville.  To assist the host club in their planning please register as soon as possible.

FLC 2022 Registration Form

FLC Official Call and Accredited Delegate Form:
FLC 2022 – Offical Call
FLC 2022 – Accredited Delegate Form

FLC Brochure and Additional Info:
FLC 2022 – Brochure
FLC 2022 – Additional Information