Jody Foster District 7 Service Director 2020-2021


My name is Jody Foster. I joined the Kin Club of Florenceville in 2005. Both my parents were in Kin so I am a Kin Kid. I earned my Maple Leaf award and Rookie of the Year and Kin of the year 2 times in the club. I have held all positions in the club except treasurer and president many times. I was Deputy Governor 2 times in Zone A. I have been on the Zone executive with 3 different Deputy Governors. I joined the National Club Support committee and was on for 4 years then joined Past Governor Vicki Andrews team as Club Support Director. I won the National Kin of the Year in 2014-15.


I am married to LM Kim Foster and we have 2 great kids. Colby is stationed in Manitoba with the Artillery in the Canadian Armed Forces. Hayley is 11 years old going on 18. I am trained as a Truck Mechanic and work for Metalfab a fire truck manufacturer as their Field Technician and travel throughout the Maritimes servicing fire trucks. I am an Avid Fly Fisher, gardener and enjoy wood working as a hobby. Did I mention that I loved to Fly Fish?


I am grateful that Governor Al asked me to take on the roll as your Service Director for the next year. It will be a challenge like no other that we have experienced in Kin. I feel that if  clubs get back to their roots of boots to the ground hands on service in the community through these tough times you will reap the benefits on the rebound with membership and vision in the community. Keeping our hands busy will keep us engaged and what better way to have fellowship than doing what we love to do.

Jody Foster
District Service Director 2020-2021