Zone B

Bill Dahr Deputy Governor District 7, Zone B


Fellow Kin

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Kin Year. My name is Bill Dahr and I am humbled and excited to be this years Zone B Deputy Governor. I have been a proud member of the Kinsmen Club of Mid Annapolis since 2000.

I have been on the club’s executive team holding positions, multiple times over the last 17 years, as their president and Vice President., Secretary, Risk Manager, Projects and Membership/Register chair. I co chaired the Helicopter Pad at our local hospital and Chaired the new play structure area at our local Elementary School on behalf of our Club. With in our zone, I have co chaired 3 Spring Zones, District convention and an FLC.

My day to day job for the past 31 yrs has been a large shop manager with Michelin Tire Ltd.I have been married to my wife Wendy for 32 yrs. We have two beautiful successful daughters, Shalene and Sasha and one Grandson Easton.

My team and I are looking forward to work with you over the next year with our focus being Vision, Inspiration and Purpose” as we grow our Zone. Also we will be working hard to ensure that each Club has a plan that includes greater health of their clubs especially as we move from this Covid – 19 virus into our “New Norm”

Success can only be measured as ONE Zone, One Kin Family for US to help provide the Communities Greatest Needs

Bill Dahr

Deputy Governor District 7, Zone B  2020-2021