Zone F

Fellow Kin,

I joined the Kinsmen Club of Sydney in 1992 and was encouraged to get involved quickly. In the six years I was a member of that club, I held the positions of Secretary, 2nd Vice President (Club), 1st Vice President (Service), President and Deputy Governor for what was then Zone 3 in District 7. I chaired my share of projects and worked all of them.

My wife Tammy and I are married now for five years. Between us we have six children and nine grandchildren. I own my own business consulting with hospitals to leverage their information systems for evidence-based decision making in both the clinical and administrative arenas.

After an absence of 19 years, I came back to Kin. Having moved to New Waterford I joined the Kinsmen Club in that community. First and foremost, I came back to Kin because I remembered one of the members and his good nature. However, I also returned because there was a need in my community and I knew that associating with Kin was the best way of addressing that need.
Back only two years, I again hold the position of Secretary for my home club and look forward to serving the clubs in Cape Breton as their Deputy Governor.

I am excited to be a member of this District Executive Council and my recurring quest will be “How can I help?”

Ken MacPherson
Deputy Governor
Zone F