Club Support

Donna Atwater Club Support 2020-2021


Fellow Kin,

My name is Donna Atwater from the Kinette Club of New Glasgow and I am honored to be your District
Club Support Director for 2020-21.

It will be 13 years this Sept when I attended my first Kinette meeting in New Glasgow and in December
2007 became a full member of the Kinette Club of New Glasgow. Since I joined Kin, I have been a
member of the Kinette Club of Halifax, Sackville and New Glasgow. The majority of my Kin years are with
the Kinette Club of New Glasgow where I am active member participating in club activities and chairing
some projects. On the club level I have held the following executive positions: President, Past President,
Secretary, Service Director, Registrar and Awards Chair. At the zone level I was Zone C Service Director,
2016-2017, Kinette Deputy Governor Zone C, 2017-2018 and District 7 Service Director 2019-2020.

Kin awards: the Kinette of the Year Award, Zone Speak off Award, Angie Lennon Spirit Award, Boake
Efficiency, Outstanding Club Award, Outstanding Zone Award and Marilyn Foote Outstanding Kinette
Deputy Governor.

I work for Bell Canada for 32 years. My family consists on Justin and his girlfriend Susie, 6 grandchildren:
Tristan, Carson, Carver, George, Suzy and Sophia.

I look forward to working with all of you this kin year as we celebrate 100 years of service.

Donna Atwater
Club Support Director 2020-2021